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Cross Stitch Your Own Magic Carpet

Cross Stitch Your Own Magic Carpet

“O most excellent of carpets, O brightest-coloured and most delicately woven, whose lovely textile is so cunningly enhanced with magic, I fear I have not treated you with proper respect. I have snapped and even shouted, I now see that your gentle nature requires only the mildest of requests.” - Diana Wynne Jones

Remember these words and experience them come to life as your little ones complete the 'Cross Stitch Your Own Magic Carpet' activity from our January 2019 Kits!

Cross Stitch Your Own Magic Carpet

What You’ll Need to Cross Stitch Your Own Magic Carpet

How to MYO Magic Magic

Colouring In
Using sketch pens or sharpies decorate your carpet templates. You can use multiple contrasting colours to make it colourful. Fill in the areas without holes.

Threading the needle
1. Choose any colour of thread and pass one end of the thread into the needle.
2. Once the thread passes through the hole in the needle, tie a small knot on the other free end of the yarn. Do not tie both the ends of the thread together.

Making a cross-stitch
1. Start from one edge of the carpet and take the needle through the holes in a cross pattern.
2. Once you complete the first cross-stitch go to the next.
3. Leave a gap of four holes in a square shape if you would like to use a different colour to fill in later on.
4. After completing the use of one colour yarn close the thread with a simple knot in the back.
5. Repeat these steps with other colours and until all cross-stitch blanks are filled.

Finishing the corners
Take a small piece of the yarn and fold it in the middle twice. Push the folded end through the corner hole and pass the free end through the loop to make a knot. Repeat this on all four corners.

Watch Video For Cross Stitch Basics

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