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Assemble Your Own Telescope

Assemble Your Own Telescope

To end the month that signifies World Environment Day, we want to leave you with the thought that apart from our planet, we also need to watch out for the space around it.

Like we learnt from the article ‘Ever wondered what’s floating around in space’ – we don’t only pollute Earth but its surroundings too. Floating metal and plastic just name a few. Eventually, these scraps are bound to fall back to Earth as well. It’s a cycle you see!

Assemble Your Own Telescope

If you only clean your home but not your backyard, on a windy day all the leaves and dust fly back into the house.

We know it’s tough to imagine, but to show you exactly what is happening out there, we want you to try this new DIY activity.

Assemble your own telescope so you can see for yourself! Get your kids involved so they know the truth too – plus as always, it will be a fun activity to do as a family!

What You Need To Assemble a Mini-Telescope

Assemble Your Own Telescope

Let’s Get Assembling…

First, prepare the Objective Lens Tube

1. Push the Depression Cup (5) into one end of the Thick Plastic Tube (1)

2. Push the Large Lens (9) into the Dew Shield (3). Make sure the curved side of the lens in facing down

3. Attach the Dew Shield [from step 2], to the Thick Plastic Tube on the same side as the Depression Cup [from step 1]

This is your Objective Lens Tube.

Second, prepare the Eye Piece Tube

4. Attach the Small T-Screw (6) to one end of the Thin Plastic Tube (2)

5. Push the Wide T-Screw (7) half-way through the Thin Plastic Tube [from step 4] from the open end

6. Insert the Small Lens (10) into the Thumb Screw (4)

7. Attach the Plastic Fixer Ring (8) to the Small Lens [from step 6] to fix it in tightly

8. Attach the Thumb Screw [from step 7] to the open end of the Thin Plastic Tube [from step 5]

This is your Eye Piece Tube.

Now, Assemble the Telescope

9. Push the Eye Piece Tube into the open end of the Objective Lens Tube

10. Fix the loose Wide T-Screw [from step 5] onto the tube such that the two tubes connect together

11. You should now be able to move the Eye Piece Tube in and out of the Objective Lens Tube

12. Use the stickers to cover the two plastic tubes


How To Use Your Telescope

Look through the Eye Piece Tube and zoom in and out the Objective Lens Tube to focus on a faraway object.

Best place to use the telescope: Backyard

You Can't Fix What You Can't See - So go ahead and see for yourself!

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