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DIY Block Printed Cushion Covers

DIY Block Printed Cushion Covers

Everyone wants their home to be comfortable and cozy, while for some people that’s clothes lying around everywhere and for some it’s a squeaky-clean house. One thing that’s usually a constant is cushions. Whether they are buried under a pile of clothes, or perfectly fluffed and positioned on the couch – they are usually always there.

We use cushions as a headrest when laying down and reading a book or watching TV, we hug them when it’s cold or there’s a scary scene coming up, we keep them in the middle as a buffer between siblings, so they stop fighting. Nonetheless, they are also very carefully picked to match your tastes.

Here, we show you how you or even your kids can design and print your own cushion covers! Use them for your own home and make it a conversations starter “my kids block printed these cushion covers” or use them as thoughtful gifts that are DIY.

All You Need To Print Your Own Cushion Covers

Make Your Own Designer Cushion Covers

Preparing The Cover – For this step, kids may need help from an adult (at least the first few times). Wash the cushion cover in cold water and let dry. Once dried, iron it to remove any wrinkles and make the fabric nice and smooth. Insert a couple of layers of flat newspaper or any absorbing paper into the cover so the paint doesn’t go through to the other side.

Preparing The Paint – In the bowl add 2 tablespoons of acrylic paint (choose your own colour) and 1 tablespoon of the textile medium. Mix the ingredients well, you can always make more if you need. Remember, the ratio for paint : medium is always 2:1.

NOTE: You can do this with 2-3 different colours if you want to make a colourful cushion cover. Follow the same step to prepare each colour.

Spread The Mixture – Not on the cushion, but on the kitchen sponge. We are going to use this as a stamping pad for our printing block.

PRINT – Dab your printing block on the sponge so it absorbs the colour, then press it down on the cushion cover. Ideally start from the top left corner and fill up the cushion as you go leaving equal gaps between each print (or however you have decided to design it).

Remember to dab the wooden block on the sponge before every print so the colour and clarity of the print stays consistent. If you feel like the colour is fading, add another layer of the paint onto the sponge (like in step 3). Once done, allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.

Setting The Paint – For this step, kids may once again need adult supervision and help. Iron the cushion cover to heat-set the paint. We recommend placing a thin cloth over the painted cushion, so the paint doesn’t stick to the iron. Also make sure you have the right setting on the iron.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Your own hand printed cushion cover.

Fun Fact: You can also follow the same steps and make your own designer t-shirts and calico bags instead of cushions!

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